Did you know that all Trae Lyx meet the standards of the VOS 2010 and ARBO guidelines. 

Trae Lyx stands for quality


The origins of TRAE LYX can be traced to Sweden. TRAE means wood in Swedish, and LYX means luxury. That is exactly what TRAE LYX stands for, it gives wooden floors and wooden furniture a luxury look and feel. Wood is a fantastic product, suitbale for many applications. It is strong and has a long life. However, it also demands a good treatment.

The composition of TRAE LYX products is based on the way wood is treated and handled in Scandinavia. TRAE LYX products are developed in high tech laboratories where the focus is on continuously improving quality and to adapt to current environmental requirements. This means the TRAE LYX are of a very high quality. Testing TRAE LYX in practice is an ongoing process.

The various products and the range of colours are tailored to the individual requirements of the user and are in line with current trends.


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You can find more information on oil and hard wax at trae-lyx.nl  
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