Naturel line

For an ultra matte floor

The Naturel Line TRAE LYX NATUREL EXTREME, and TRAE LYX NATUREL BASE COAT LACQUER and the existing TRAE LYX NATUREL give an ultra matte finish on parquet and wooden floors. 

The products guarantee a natural finish on parquet and wooden floors with a transparent or oiled ultra matt look, minimum maintenance and high resistance to wear, scratches and knocks.

The Naturel Line products can also be used on wooden furniture without any problem.


For an ultra matte wall

In addition, the Naturel Line also includes TRAE LYX NATUREL FINISH. This is the third new product that TRAE LYX is launching. This product protects walls and gives them an ultra matte appearance.

Suitable for walls finished with latex, plaster, spray plaster and so forth, but can also be used as a finish on mineral surfaces and as a finishing coat for walls in darker colours.